Sycamore is an architecture and interior design practice specializing in residential and commercial sectors. Our aim is to provide inspiration to conceive a project and care to deliver it.

Raniero Botti is the founder and CEO of Sycamore. He is a IT registered Architect having graduated from La Sapieza School of Architecture with commendation.

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Casa L.M.


2017 - 2020

The house on Lungotevere Mellini in Rome is an elegant fusion of minimalism and sophistication, conceived to embrace the timeless beauty of the eternal city. The penthouse and super penthouse, majestically overlooking Rome, embody a harmonious blend of clean design and breathtaking city views.

At the heart of this residence is a spiral staircase, not merely a functional element but a true sculptural monument that gracefully rises in the center of the house. This staircase masterfully connects the penthouse and super penthouse, transforming into a dynamic work of art that challenges the static nature of traditional architecture.

The entrance is an invitation to contemplation, with the travertine flooring in extra light slope welcoming visitors with its timeless elegance. The minimalist interior design provides a neutral backdrop that highlights the intrinsic beauty of natural light permeating the spaces.

The bathroom and shower are conceived as sanctuaries of serenity, with a dedicated skylight allowing full enjoyment of daylight and admiring the night sky view while indulging in relaxation. This design touch not only adds a luxurious element but also transforms the bathroom into a space for contemplation, a personal retreat where the connection with the outside merges with intimacy.

The kitchen, the pulsating heart of the house, is enriched by a skylight that creates a direct visual link with the sky. This architectural element not only illuminates the space but also provides a constant reminder of the beauty of the outside world, creating a culinary experience wrapped in light and connection with the surrounding environment.

In conclusion, this Lungotevere Mellini project in Rome stands out for its ability to synthesize functionality with aesthetics, creating an urban retreat that embodies the very essence of modern life: a harmonious balance between pure forms and the magnificence of the eternal city.