Sycamore is an architecture and interior design practice specializing in residential and commercial sectors. Our aim is to provide inspiration to conceive a project and care to deliver it.

Raniero Botti is the founder and CEO of Sycamore. He is a IT registered Architect having graduated from La Sapieza School of Architecture with commendation.

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Renovation of a hotel, iconic example of 50s italian architecture.

Hotel Corsi



Architect Raniero Botti is the head of the renovation of the Hotel Corsi in Torrimpietra in the province of Rome, an example of spontaneous construction of the Italian architecture of the 50s, recently promoted to a 4-star accommodation facilities.

The old Hotel Corsi, born in the 1950s as a restaurant, has been the subject of several unplanned expansions over the years, which responded only to the requirements of the market, and therefore presented itself as an architecturally inconsistent structure.

In the face of such an artefact, a complete renovation of the building was necessary, which kept only the structure and the perimeter walls of the old building: with the reorganization of the external and internal spaces, which has been given architectural dignity to the entire building, providing at the same time optimization in the energy consumption.There is no lack of new generation plants, redevelopment of the external envelope, and innovative equipment in step with the most modern hotel standards.

The new Hotel Corsi consists of a ground floor and 4 upper floors, for a total of 40 rooms, a breakfast room and a 40-seat meeting room.

The interior design of the rooms is functional but durable over time and has a very low visual impact. The wallpapers on the headboards, which reproduce some photos by the same Architect Botti, decorate and expand the space characterizing each room.

Lighting has also been the subject of particular attention: through the lights that are all dimmable and often hidden in the ceiling, different effects and atmospheres can be created that change the space, depending on the various needs or events held on the ground floor.

The corridors, on the other hand, are in shadow, characterized by exposed plants shielded by a stretched net: real funnels of black light that lead the client to discover his own room through a surreal atmosphere. The common area is unique and contains all the acceptance functions, from the reception to the bar, from the breakfast room to the relax zones to small work areas with PC workstations; a small comfortable oasis full of visual achievements made with reproductions on wallpaper the historic photographs of the old hotel corsi .