Sycamore is a multi-disciplinary practice of architecture and interior design, based in Rome. Profiting from the diversified skills of the team that composes the continual collaboration with experts from various fields, combines architectural theory, research, innovation and experimentation with high technical knowledge and professionalism.

Established at the end of 2002 by architect Raniero Botti. Since then, carries out assignments from the preliminary stages of planning and feasibility studies to construction and executive phases with a careful inspection to the construction site in order to make the most out of the architectural project, however, all phases of the project are carried out with great attention to energy conservation and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

We always try to create structures and contemporary design that can convey strong emotions and feelings which they can keep unaltered over time with a high visual comfort.


Sycamore Architecture
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00149 Roma

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Hotel Mercure (Ex Cinema Apollo)
2012 - 2014

The warp of suspended ceilings and backlighting of the lobby’s ceiling, recalling the urban fabric of the medieval city.

The bed headboards remember the unique architecture of the Santa Maria Novella station.

The common areas contain an explicit reference to the city of Florence: the counter remembers Arno loops, with its reflections in the zinc surface.

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